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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the largest industrial employer in Germany and one of the most innovative industries. New developments, efficient methods and robust components are essential for taking the lead position in global competition. We are the reliable supplier of the most precise turned parts for customers in this industry.

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For several years already, mechanical engineering has been a decisive driver in areas such as the Internet of Things, environmental technology or also e-mobility. Today, production is no longer about merely any one part of the manufacturing chain – it is rather about the entire manufacturing process. The smart interconnection of individual machines in one processing centre, the process-optimised combination of individual systems is what makes processes efficient and guarantees falling costs per piece. Our products ensure that your production runs smoothly in this interconnectivity.

Precision turned parts of Hörr are used, among other, in:

  • locking and control technology
  • connections for hydraulics systems





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Mechanical engineering