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Our corporate culture

Highly qualified employees work with dedication in our team to assure the absolute customer satisfaction. In close coordination with you, we will define the targets and find the suitable way to reach these. The size of our company is your advantage: You have a concrete contact person, who will provide solid advice to you on all matters. This contact will also develop the optimal production technology for your project jointly with our experts under economic aspects. As an owner-managed company, we make a compelling case based on our lean organisational structure and flat hierarchy, and an expedited decision-making competence.

Ready for your tasks

Although we are a well-established company, we are nonetheless extremely innovative. And this is precisely why we are ideally prepared for your orders. Continuous investments in our systems engineering guarantee high machine availability. Our company uses numerous systems of the same design in each production area – which is the basis for availability for delivery and short response times according to need. Individual parts handling ensures the careful treatment of sensitive products. Especially in sensor technology and in the automotive segment, we manufacture products with sensitive surfaces. Cleverly devised transport solutions help us avoid any kind of damage. We call this perfection proven in practice.

We are adaptable and flexible

In nature, adaptability is a trait often securing survival. This capacity is also elementary in industry. Time and again, we take on new challenges – and we have done so successfully for many decades, as our dynamic development proves. At the same time, the advantages of a medium-sized family-run business are particularly noticeable: In our ability to respond promptly at all times to your requests and by being able to meet delivery dates even on short notice. Based on our great production depth, we offer comprehensive service from one source.


Innovative by tradition

Three generations, one goal: satisfied customers. Since the founding in the year 1965, we have kept our eyes on what lies ahead of us – and we align our actions on it. We can rightly say: Hörr Metalltechnik is innovative by tradition. Processing centres of the latest generation make high-precision parts for demanding customers. The possibilities of the Internet of Things help us in doing so, for example, by the reliable gathering of operating data. We interconnect all areas from purchasing to job processing and production. Quick flow of information, transparent processes, efficient production. We are always up to date for our customers.


With the installation of a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building, we not only improve our profitability but also produce CO2-neutral electricity


Investment in state-of-the-art cleaning technology to ensure perfect cleaning results


Expansion of the operating data recording, universal networking, and maximum transparency of all divisions of the company


Our electricity needs are 100% covered by hydropower


Turning parts are produced exclusively on computer-controlled machine technology. Cam-controlled multi-spindle machines have been replaced by CNC-machines.


Certification according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001: 2015


Installation of a 10 m high material tower with fully automatic material storage to optimize production processes. Expansion of production capacity with a Miyano BNE-SY6.


Expansion of our in-house machinery – ability to machine diameters of up to 51 mm


Investment in a new 'Surfcom 2000SD3' contour and surface roughness measuring device from Zeiss


Expansion of our in-house machinery to include 'CNC short-turning' machining operations for diameters of up to 42 mm.


Steady ongoing investment in the very latest of measurement and testing technologies


Redesign of the component cleaning and swarf disposal facilities


Steady expansion of the in-house machinery with CNC long-turning and short-turning machines


Certification in acc. with DIN ISO 9001:2008


Takeover by siblings Thomas Hörr and Andrea Schneider


Attachment and enlargement of the office building


Expansion of the production surface area to 2000 qm.


Attachment and enlargement of the production surface area


Takeover by brothers Manfred and Josef Hörr


Founding of company by Josef Hörr sen.