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Electrical engineering

Anyone who has ever spent an evening at candle light because of a power outage is well aware of the significance of electrical engineering. A fault-free energy flow is indispensable in many areas and the condition for efficient processes in numerous fields of action such as energy technology, drive technology, microelectronics or automation engineering to name a few.

Energy stays in flow with us

The maximum of precision is what counts in electrical engineering

Electrical engineering today is rightly one of the core disciplines of the engineering sciences – hardly any other is so multi-facetted. According to the definition, it is a technological science, which is dedicated to different methods and applications: from electrical machines to circuits for telecommunication engineering and also including technical informatics. Turned parts of Hörr are persuasive by virtue of their maximum precision even in difficult geometries. They are integral parts of a reliable mode of functioning in many plants. This is precisely on what we spend all of our energy.

We supply the electrical engineering industry with the most demanding of turned parts:

  • axes and shafts
  • with heat treatments for optimal firmness and the least possible wear
  • slide-finished and polished for precise surfaces





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Electrical engineering

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