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Turning is one of the most frequently applied processes today in metal machining. This is not much of a surprise, given that it offers almost unlimited possibilities to process a workpiece. With our many decades of experience and the knowledge of our employees, we have comprehensive know-how in this versatile production technology. What is more: We are also willing to spend money on this and continuously invest in high-capacity turning machines.

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We know that our customers appreciate the results and rely on our quality. We see you eye-to-eye here – after all, your customers, too, expect products of the highest standard. So, if you are looking for ideal solutions, you at the right place at Hörr Metalltechnik. We are closely familiar with the common techniques of metal-cutting production and we will find the most efficient manufacturing procedure jointly with you in all cases. Well-known providers from the demanding sensor technology, automotive industry, hydraulics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering industries have been cooperating closely with us for many years. What do they appreciate in Hörr? They primarily appreciate our competence in production and our consulting services, as well as our efficient solution proposals. Further advantages come with this, which especially make a family-managed business stand out from the rest: flexibility and short response times, spontaneous capacity increases, uncomplicated decision-making processes. We would like to prove ourselves to you as well. You are welcome to contact us at any time.