Precision is our principle. We’ll turn around your turned parts.


100 percent CNC – efficient and cost-effective

Our production processes are based exclusively around the use of cutting-edge CNC machines, which we invest in continuously. These allow us to offer you maximum precision and efficiency in raw material processing. And because our facilities have a high number of identical machines, you enjoy maximum flexibility – with greater variability and shorter setup times paying dividends by offering maximum value for money. Another advantage for you is our ability to mass produce highly precise turned parts with ever-tighter tolerances.

Increasing product complexity calls for in-depth specialist knowledge, which is why staff training offerings are part of our company philosophy. And it doesn’t stop there: our experienced specialists also share their knowledge with our next generation of talent, ensuring knowledge is transferred within our company and that we keep on delivering outstanding results.

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Quality assurance

Every box ticked for top quality

Millions of turned parts are all backed up by one overarching promise: to deliver quality. This commitment is part of our company philosophy, and encompasses the very moment you get in touch with us right through to delivery of the finished product to you – including all the production processes in between. Thanks to painstaking pre-planning, we capture all the machine, technical-configuration, measuring-equipment and capacity parameters. And to ensure we achieve the best quality and meet your delivery deadlines right from when the green light is given to production, we employ the latest QA techniques such as FMEA and Five Whys.

We ensure the highest production quality is achieved at all times thanks to our climate-controlled measurement room, with its cutting-edge equipment and 3D measurement technology, as well as fully automated optical test facility. And you can further rest assured that we’ve got all aspects of quality assurance covered thanks to our ISO 9001:2015 certification and end-to-end documentation.

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Experts in machining stainless steel

In many sectors stainless steel is now the material of choice thanks to its properties. Over time, we’ve specialised in this material – experience you can benefit from as we have all the facilities and extensive expertise in how to process it. Precision-made stainless steel turned parts excel thanks to their special qualities: they’re robust, provide lasting value and stand the test of time, plus they’re thermally stable, wear resistant and low maintenance. And even better for you, we process all four main groups of stainless steel at our factory – from ferritic, martensitic, and duplex to austenitic steels.

If you need your turned parts made from a different material, we’re your go-to partner. Just ask us and we’ll advise. We can process free-machining steels, Q&T steels and case-hardening steels on our powerful machines. But you’re not limited to just these types, as we can process any other material you want – just tell us what you need.


Every service you need, all from one supplier

In addition to our production capabilities, you can also benefit from our state-of-the-art cleaning technology and residual dirt analysis facilities. Our range of services also comprises thermal and galvanic treatments as well as surface finishes including grinding, vibratory finishing and polishing. We’re your one-stop shop.


Our operational structure is a cut above the rest

We treat logistics and production as one. This means that the entire workflow runs like clockwork at Hörr – from taking the stocked raw materials and producing the turned parts through to delivery of our products to you. We can also provide custom packaging solutions and arrange delivery in whatever way best suits you. And when it comes to you getting the right quantities at the right time, we’ve taken care of that too thanks to our EDI system. With our fine-tuned workflows, you can be sure you’ll get cost-effective, high-quality products on time every time.

Overview of production facilities:

  • CNC turning machines
  • Aperture diameter from 3 to 52 mm
  • Turning length up to 700 mm
  • Tolerances > 0.01
  • Materials
  • Stainless steels up to V4A
  • Aluminium and brass,
  • Case-hardened and tempered steels
  • Free cutting steel