Precision is our principle The benchmark for our driving force.


You are the customer - and the customer is king!

We here at Gebrüder Hörr GmbH impose high standards on ourselves: we seek at all times to be right up to date for our customers. To achieve this, we are constantly upgrading our machinery and plant, and our workforce receives regular further training. The aim at all times is to achieve the best possible solution for our customers - always. Are you interested in technical details? If so, please read our overview of production facilities and options.

Machine list

Quality management

Everything revolves around your product

Gebrüder Hörr GmbH produces top quality for its customers, all signed, sealed and delivered. To assure this outcome, we invest continuously in our quality management system. That may take the form of top-end testing machines, or in the further education of the employees responsible. By way of verification and safety, we can provide certifications and, or course, documentation (CAQ).

The aim is clear, and is one we achieved a long time ago, because it has always occupied center stage: perfect products. Also in terms of 'time quality': we do our utmost to satisfy your deadline wishes.

Test equipment list


Of steels and other materials

Stainless steel is now the most frequently requested material. As well as the great classics: free cutting steels, tempered steels and case-hardened steels. At the end of the day though, we will manufacture using any material you may require.


The final production steps of post-processing

Gebrüder Hörr GmbH can perform plating operations and thermal post-processing (i.e. heat treatment) of surfaces. Before these surface treatments, we can do gun-drilling and thread-rolling operations. External circular grinding, polishing and super-finishing round off the range of surface treatments we can provide. Now nothing stands in the way of the next steps - checking and handing over to you.


Checked and package - now it goes back to you

We call this area Logistics & Service. This is where one of the first steps takes place - the production of samples. What we seek to achieve here is to convince you that you are in good hands with Gebrüder Hörr GmbH. And this is where your order comes to a conclusion.

If you so wish, we can inspect your components using our opto-electronic measuring machines. Then, before we send the goods on their way to you, we take your individual packaging wishes carefully into account. Delivery is performed using our own trucks, or haulage companies, or parcel delivery services.

Overview of production facilities:

  • CNC turning machines
  • Aperture diameter from 3 to 52 mm
  • Turning length up to 700 mm
  • Tolerances > 0.01
  • Materials
  • Stainless steels up to V4A
  • Aluminium and brass,
  • Case-hardened and tempered steels
  • Free cutting steel